• When you schedule a lesson you reserve that time slot each week in the studio for the duration the school year.​​

  • Each semester includes 19 lessons for a total of 38 lessons. Second semester begins the week of January 23rd.

  • For the 2021-2022 school year:

    • All lessons take place on Sundays

    • First lesson: September 5th . 

    • Final lesson: June 19th​.

  • The studio follows the Issaquah School District calendar with the following exceptions:

    • Lessons are scheduled the first Sundays of 1st and 2nd Winter breaks and Spring break (12/19/20; 2/20/21 and 4/10/21). There are NO lessons the second/third Sundays of these breaks:

                                             No lessons: 12/26/21, 1/2/21, 2/27/21, or 4/17/21.  

  •  Sunday lessons are scheduled for Thanksgiving weekend and all 3-day weekends such as Veteran's Day, Memorial Day etc.

  • This schedule ensures that all students receive 38 lessons over the course of the year.


A recital will be scheduled early in the second semester. COVID-19 restrictions permitting the recital will be in-person. All students are expected to participate. The date will be announced approximately two months in advance. 


  • Make-up lessons are to be used for unavoidable conflicts or illness. Forgotten lessons will not be made up. If you would like the option of a make-up lesson you must call, email, or text with a minimum of two hour's notice.

  • You may also swap lesson times with another student provided I am given 24 hours notice.

  •  If two students show up at the same time, the student whose name is on the master schedule is given the lesson.