To simplify billing you may choose to pay per semester or 5 times per year, in September, November, January, March and May.


Tuition for lessons will be paid  by the first lesson of the month for bi-monthly payments, or at the first lesson of the semester for semester payments. Tuition received after the first lesson will incur a $10 late charge.

By Zelle or check:

  • By the semester: $1045

    • 19 lessons at $55 each​ = $1045

  • By the year, divided into equal bi-monthly payments: $2090

    • 38 lessons at $55 each = $2090

    • $2090/5 payment periods = $ 418

    • If paying monthly, $209 for each of 10 months

Zelle payments use email ( or cell (425-677-4389​).

By PayPal:

 A small charge is added to offset fees:

  • $1076/semester

Paypal payments should be sent to